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Navigating Difference


Mary Deen,

Merrianneeta Nesbitt,

Description:  Navigating Difference (ND), developed by Washington State University Extension (WSUE), is a cultural competency training based on the WSUE Cultural Competencies and is designed to help participants expand their skills in working with diverse audiences.  The overarching goals for the training are to assist participants to:

  • Become more aware of their own personal and organizational culuture;
  • Examine how their personal and organizational cultures affect their ability to work across difference in both negative and positive ways;
  • Build skills to increase competencies in working with others who are different.

Navigating Differences is comprised of five training modules, one on each of the following (a) cultural awareness, (b) cultural understanding, (c) cultural knowledge, (d) cultural interaction, and (e) cultural sensitivity.  ND is meant to be delivered face-to-face, and the total training is 18 hours.