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The Rapid Response Team (RRT) on Civil Discourse was given as part of a charge from the Extension Committee on Operations and Policy (ECOP) to identify and assemble a set of resources generated from within Cooperative Extension Service that help promote civil dialogue on race relations.  The RRT gratefully acknowledges the wealth of resources suggested for inclusion in the toolkit.  These resources fit the following criteria for posting:

  • Materials were relevant to the topic: civil dialogue on race relations
  • Extension and/or other Land-Grant University professionals were authors or essential partners
  • Materials were easily accessible in some type of online format

If you have a resource you would like to submit for consideration that fits the criteria noted above, please visit [link to a google form???].  Please note that each entry must contain the following information:

  • Title of resource
  • Key contact information
  • Short description
  • URL/ web address
  • Key words
  • Target audience
  • Person who is submitting the resource (you)

Click here to submit a resource.