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The Rapid Response Team (RRT) on Civil Discourse was given as part of a charge from the Extension Committee on Operations and Policy (ECOP) to identify and assemble a set of resources generated from within Cooperative Extension Service that help promote civil dialogue on race relations.  The RRT gratefully acknowledges the wealth of resources suggested for inclusion in this list.  While this does not contain every resource that may be available nor does it address every element of the Competency Framework, these resources fit the following criteria for posting:

  • Materials were relevant to the topic: civil dialogue on race relations
  • Extension and/or other Land-Grant University professionals were authors or essential partners
  • Materials were easily accessible in some type of online format

In addition to these resources, explorers are encouraged to visit the Partners & Networks tab for links to a vast number of non-profits and university centers/institutes with a particular emphasis on this work.  Embedded within these sites is a wealth of additional information and resources.

While the resources noted below all came as suggestions from within the Land-Grant system, the RRT did not vet nor review these resources for accuracy, but rather depended on the wisdom of the submitters for the validity of the content.

If you have a resource you would like to submit for consideration that fits the criteria noted above, please visit the “Submit a Resource” tab.


Each of the resources listed below is featured in a short blog with additional information.  Clicking on the links will take you to that information.  Additionally, you can search by target audience or keyword.

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