People Empowering People

The UConn People Empowering People (PEP) program is a personal, family and leadership development program with a strong community focus.

Navigating Difference

Navigating Difference (ND), developed by Washington State University Extension (WSUE), is a cultural competency training based on the WSUE Cultural Competencies and is...

Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI)

Located at Colorado State University, this public-private partnership works with local communities to provide parents/youth/communities with the knowledge, skills and tools for civic...

Facilitator Guide for Departmental Discussions about Race

The purpose of this guide, developed by the University of Missouri, is to provide suggestions for ways to begin conversations about race in...

Engagement Toolbox

The Community Engagement Tool, developed and supported by the Center for Economic and Community Development at Penn State University, provides a brief and...

Diversity: The Source of Our Strength

In this project, 4-H members explore the many forms of diversity in daily life, see life from various perspectives, and have fun learning...

Diversity, Difference and Conflict: Awareness and Skill-Building for Enhancing Workplace Effectiveness

Diversity, Difference, and Conflict: Awareness and Skill-Building for Enhancing Workplace Effectiveness is an online training module developed at the University of Missouri.

Cultivating Community Conversations for Change

This program consists of a series of events (trainings, community conversations, and a regional forum) designed to engage community members in conversations to...

Community Coaching for Grassroots Action

Community Coaching for Grassroots Action is designed to help communities build leadership capacity among their residents.

Celebrating Our Differences

This website offers ideas to help children understand and respect similarities and differences among people.